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Data Literacy Education and Workshops

Data Literacy, the ability to derive meaningful information from data, is essential for Iowa’s communities, leaders, and residents to make educated and wise decisions on critical issues and policies.

Data literacy workshops provide:

  • Knowledge and skills to understand, use, visualize, interpret, and practice with data relevant to communities, organizations, and counties.
  • Participants with knowledge and skills to discuss data and bridge to applications and decision making with the data.
  • Depth of knowledge about selected measures and indicators including income and poverty, age, race and ethnicity, housing, health, employment, households, families, and the foreign born.


  • are interactive with activities and group discussions to engage and enhance learning and understanding by the participants
  • can be customized to the client group’s interests and preferences
  • are two or three hours in length.

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Upcoming Workshops:

Understanding and Using Poverty Indicators (Click on link below to register)
Workshop Online
May 10, 2022
9:30 AM CDT - 11:45 AM CDT - Register Here
Cost is $50/person
If questions about the workshop or registration contact Sandra Burke at