County Health Data for Decision Makers

Directions: To generate a County Health Data for Decision Makers report select the county name from the drop-down menu and click Download, or click on a county in the map below. If you do not see a map below and you are using Internet Explorer, switch to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as older versions of Internet Explorer are not supported.

These reports were created in partnership with Iowa State University’s Translational Research Network (U-TuRN). U-TuRN’s goal is to facilitate the adoption, implementation, and sustainability of evidence-based programming in community settings. The Network is working to build partnerships across the state to help to promote more effective, team-based approaches to community health issues and needs. U-TuRN is currently enrolling community-based partners in pilot projects to understand how to best support community organizations in their efforts to address critical health issues across Iowa. To receive information about the free resources U-TuRN provides contact or visit you are a County Health agency and are interested in customizing or expanding the content of your county's Health Data for Decision Makers report, please email to learn how you can become a partner.